Insurance for International Moving & Shipping

East Coast Shipping, Recommends purchasing marine insurance.

There are two types of marine insurance to ship your Household goods, cars, trucks, cargo, freight and other items overseas either to or from the U.S.A


There are times when for reasons beyond the control of East Coast Shipping (i.e. acts of God, fire, hijacking, etc.) when your goods may be damaged or lost. For this reason we suggest you always insure your goods (Note: The All Risk Marine Insurance includes war insurance, which covers hijackings.) While the cost of insurance is not covered by our estimate, your representative will be glad to guide you in the matter. 


Insurance is inexpensive and will give the peace of mind you'll want so you can concentrate on the rest of your move. To insure your shipment, the process is very simple. You will need to make two packing lists. One packing list with the replacement values listed for the insurance company (VIL), and the second list without any values listed for customs at your destination country. You send us the list with the replacement values, and keep the list without values for when your shipment arrives so you can clear customs at your destination country. For shipping an automobile with insurance, we simply need the replacement value of your automobile.


All risk insurance covers damage and or loss of goods. This insurance is only available if, and only if, your goods are professionally packed and stowed for shipping. A packing list with values or commercial invoice must be tendered prior to the shipment sailing.


Total loss insurance only covers your cargo if the entire shipment is lost. A packing list with values or commercial invoice must be tendered prior to the shipment sailing. 


All cargo must be packed properly for export to be eligible for the above-described insurance. If you are shipping used household goods or personal effects, the above-described insurance will only cover loss unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by East Coast Shipping.


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