East Coast Shipping Inc offers the best solutions for shipping both small and large amounts of Household goods, personal effects & Autos to Australia. It’s important to use an experienced shipper when going to Australia as they strict guidelines in Australia and expensive port fees depending on how your goods are shipped. We offer rates for shipping to destinations in Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Burnie, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Fremantle, Gympie, Hobart, Lauceston, Mackay, Maroochydore, Melbourne, Newcastle, Noosa Heads, Perth, Rockhampton, Surfers Paradise, Sydney, & Townsville.


East Coast Shipping offers 3 options for shipping to Australia:


  1.     Less Container Load: This option is shipped directly with a N.V.O.C.C. on weekly shipment to a main port of your choice (Adelaide, Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth) this is the quickest option for smaller shipments. Transits about 35-45 days. However with this option port fees will be more expensive because they are shipped as a single shipment with commercial goods and HHG and you pay NVOCC & higher Terminal Handling Charges at the port.
  2.    Shared Container: This option is shipped as part of a consolidated container with other personal effects that ships through either Melbourne or Sydney. We are able to include terminal Handling Charges and cheaper ocean & delivery rates through this route. Transit times are longer (2-3 months) as we have to wait for containers to be filled but we generally have by monthly shipments from our terminals in Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale or LA.
  3.       Full Container Load: If you have 550cft or more it will become safer and cheaper to ship in your own 20ft or 40ft container. We offer service to all major ports and destination for larger shipments as well.  See port fees below:
  • All Shipments that arrive into Australia go through Quarantine as Australia is very strict in protecting the agriculture and you will pay additional for this. Quarantine Inspections at AU$145.00 per half hour billed to client after inspection (usually 3/4 of hour per LCL and 2 hours per FCL min).


  • Customs Duty Tax, GST and the likes can be accessed on: www.customs.gov.au Customs and quarantine clearance will take place at the point of entry.
  • Import Permits MVSA (Motor Vehicle Standards Act) at AU$75.00 billed to client-need to be issued before statement is sent. Email contact :  Vimports@dotars.gov.au



  • Port handling and or terminal fees on FCL-AU$420-480 (20ft);AU$480-A$660 & LCL shipments, THC, BSRA, APCA, CFS, LCL or Break Bulk at approx AU$140.00 per cubic meter billed to shipper when not loaded into shared container by EC SHIPPING